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The Xerox Company was founded in 1906 in Rochester, NY as the "Haloid Photographic Company." The name was later changed to "Haloid Xerox and" finally to "Xerox" in 1961. Xerox manufactures a wide range of photocopiers, printers, printer ink, and even the printer ink cartridge. Xerox was the first company to introduce the world to photocopying, and the term "xerox" has come to be associated with that process. Anyone told to xerox a document will know that it is supposed to be copied, even if the machine it is copied on is not of the Xerox brand.

This company originally captured the public attention with the release of the Xerox 914 in 1959, which was a plain paper photocopier that used a new technology known as electrophotography. This process, developed by Chester Carlson, became known as "Xerography," which means "dry copy." This meant that paper coming off of the 914 copier was ready for use right away, and did not need to be dried for fear of runny ink or smudging. The 914 was so successful that by 1961, the company had generated over $60 million in revenue. The name of the company was changed to reflect the importance of this technology.

Chester Carlson also developed the first desktop-sized copier in 1963, with the advent of the Xerox 813. This was a basic copier that took up a much smaller space and used substantially smaller printer ink cartridges. In the mid-1970s, Xerox also refined the old 914 copier, making it capable of color photocopying. Meanwhile, in the research labs at Xerox a fellow by the name of Gary Starkweather, was busy modifying old Xerox copiers, and developed the process of laser printing. In 1977, Xerox debuted its 9700 series, which was the first commercial laser copier. This turned Xerox into in a billion-dollar company. Xerox also made some forays into the area of fax transmissions. The company suffered setbacks in the 1980s, but under the leadership of its first female president, Anne Mulcahy, the company turned itself around, and is once again on the cutting edge of printer technology. Xerox has recently added a new tag line to its company symbol, "the document company," to reflect its mandate.

With a reputation for quality and innovation, Xerox has a legacy of producing high grade products, from its copiers to its printer ink cartridges. Here at our company, we can supply your business with high-quality OEM printer cartridges and also carry a full range of remanufactured supplies, all guaranteed to work with your printing system. With reasonable prices and the best quality printer ink available, we can help make sure that your company gets your printing done right the first time, every time.