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More About Toshiba Ink Cartridges

The Toshiba Corporation is a melding of two Japanese companies, Shibaura Engineering Works and Tokyo Electric. The Shibaura Company was founded in 1875 by Tanaka Seizosho, who was known as the "Thomas Edison of Japan." He had a passion for research, development and the spread of beneficial technology. To this day, the Toshiba Corporation uses 6% of its revenue to fund corporate R&D. Originally, the Shibaura Company made telegraphs and heavy equipment, while Tokyo Electric was a leading supplier of electric lamps. The two companies merged in 1939 and created Tokyo Shibaura Electric. Soon after, the name "Toshiba," taken from the "to" in Tokyo and the "shi" in Shibaura, was being widely used, but it was not until 1978 that the name change became official. The company now produces a range of high-tech devices, including thermal printers and printer ink, as well as a wide variety of notebooks and digital televisions.

The company began its expansion in Japan by buying up other heavy equipment manufacturers and then spinning them off into subsidiary corporations such as Toshiba EMI in 1960 and Toshiba Chemical in 1974. Responsible for a number of technology breakthroughs in Japan including RADAR in 1942, the microwave oven in 1959 and the laptop computer in 1989, Toshiba has always been on the leading edge. Initially, Toshiba enjoyed strong sales in the United States, but in 1987, a subsidiary company, Toshiba Machine, was accused of selling technology to Russia which would enable them to create much less noisy submarines. This was in violation of a long-standing embargo on such technology being sold to the Russians, and was seen as a threat to U.S. national security. Several Toshiba executives were arrested and the company had trade sanctions placed on it in both Japan and the United States.

Despite what could have been a crippling setback, Toshiba pressed on, eventually signing an agreement with Orion electric to produce OEM televisions and consumer electronics. This helped cement Toshiba's reputation in North America as a producer of well-priced and well-made electronic devices. In 2004, Toshiba stopped making CRT televisions to focus on digital technology. The company also branched out into the office market, creating a wide range of fax and copy solutions, in addition to supplying the finance and retail industry with thermal printer ink cartridge technology and high-end printers for receipt and label making.

With a wide array of Toshiba OEM printer cartridge options, and the best overall selection for any large-scale printing job, we can make sure your business gets the products it needs. With guaranteed ease of delivery and proven reliability, our printer ink cartridges can help ensure your business never misses a deadline.