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More About Samsung Ink Cartridges

Many people who buy a Samsung printer may wonder why an $80 printer would require Samsung printer ink cartridges worth $50. It makes you wonder what you're really paying for. When buying printer ink cartridges, there is the dilemma of whether to buy an OEM printer cartridge to fit in your Samsung printer, or a remanufactured printer ink cartridge.

An OEM printer cartridge is a replacement printer ink cartridge that is in its original condition. It is manufactured of entirely new parts. Its performance is just like that of any other new cartridge. Remanufactured printer ink cartridges, on the other hand, are different. They are used cartridges that are refilled. A person will drill into the cartridge and refill the cartridge with ink, then seal it. There are also kits available that allow people to refill cartridges with ink at home.

These two types of printer cartridges are different in more ways than mentioned above. A cartridge that is remanufactured cannot be the same quality as a cartridge that is new. This is because it has undergone some type of wear that may affect its performance. For example, the ink heaters in the cartridges could function outside of their normal range. If they function at a level that is too hot, or not hot enough, it will affect the quality of the item being printed. This is most evident in photos. Many people in the photography industry, for this reason, deem cartridges that are refilled as being inferior to ones that are new and in their original condition. Furthermore, a refilled cartridge is not tested to make sure the moving parts are working close to the quality of a new cartridge. There are kits available that allow people to refill their own cartridges. It can usually be done in less than 20 minutes. However, handling toner is better left up to professionals, since handling toner can be hazardous to your health.

A new cartridge avoids many of the pitfalls of refilling cartridges. It functions at the highest quality and you don't need to work with hazardous ink toner if you are trying to refill it yourself. However, it is not as cost effective as having refilled ink cartridges. The debate of whether one type of ink cartridge is better than the other depends on your needs. Is higher quality ink worth paying 70-90 percent more on ink cartridges? The answer is no, if all your going to be printing is text, since high quality cartridges are not required for that. If you spend hundreds of dollars on a photo printer and want to produce high quality images each time, then printing with new cartridges may be the way to go.