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More About Ricoh Ink Cartridges

The Ricoh Co, Ltd. was founded in Japan in 1936 by Kiyoshi Ichimura. The son of a farmer, Ichimura did not come from a wealthy family or background, but had a passion for technology and innovation. The company's mandate was the making and distribution of sensitized paper, and eventually evolved to include printer ink, printer ink cartridges and a wide variety of office technology. One of Ichimura's first innovations was the creation of the RicohFlex III in 1950. This was the world's first mass-produced twin-lens reflex camera, and brought the company a great deal of success. In 1955, they debuted the first desktop copier.

It was in the late 1960's that the Ricoh Corporation began to show global aspirations. It started by branching out to other office products such as data retrieval and storage systems, and the development of the concept of "office automation." The company then began to expand, establishing subsidiaries around the globe. In 1975, the company released the RiCopy DT 1200, a copier which became the top-selling model in the world. In 1976, Ricoh developed the world's first completely digital fax machine, the Rifax 600S. In 1987, Ricoh followed this up with the introduction of the world's first digital copiers, the Imagio series. They then produced the G4 digital fax machine in 1989, another world first. In the late 1990's, the company was responsible for the creation of both the first rewritable compact disc (CD) and CD rewritable drive. In the last part of the decade, the company brought forward a printer which could produce up to 130 copies per minute (CPM).

It was in 1962 that this company first came to North America, opening as Ricoh Industries USA. In 1970, this subsidiary was merged with the parent company's office in New York, creating Ricoh of America. Other companies were also created in Switzerland, Taiwan and Holland. It was at this time that the Ricoh company invested funding into a department which focuses purely on research and development, in an effort to keep the company not only current, but ahead of the curve in global technology trends. Today, Ricoh is known for its high quality cameras and office equipment, especially its printer and fax products.

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