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More About Konica Minolta Ink Cartridges

Officially merged into one company in 2003, Konica-Minolta Holdings, Inc. has a combined history that reaches back over 130 years. Konica, as the company was dubbed in later years, began as an off-shoot of a thriving pharmacy business in Tokyo. In 1873, pharmacist Rokusaburo Sugiura expanded his inventory to include the sale of imported photographic chemicals. As the years continued, the family nurtured the business until it grew to become the leading camera company in Japan. Minolta Co. also traces its roots back to the camera industry. This leader of lens manufacturing first opened its doors in 1928. By the time of their merger into Konica-Minolta, these two innovative companies had expanded their manufacturing divisions to include the global production of photocopiers, fax machines, laser printers, as well as printer ink cartridges.

With such a rich history of innovation, it is no surprise that the Konica-Minolta Company continues to make advances in office equipment technology. With the idea of simplifying the office environment, they have introduced what they refer to as the "bizhub" series. These multiple function devices can print, copy, scan, and fax. They boast both black and white and color imaging which is rated the highest in speed and image quality in the industry. Konica-Minolta is also making advances in laser printing technology, having produced some of the lightest, most compact, and high-performance color laser printers on the market. And, true to their roots in the photographic industry, their "Magicolor" series of laser printers is compatible with all types of digital media, including digital cameras, and is capable of producing 2400dpi photographic quality images.

In order to produce images of high quality, Konica-Minolta has also done extensive research into printer ink technology. Konica-Minolta toner and printer ink cartridges, also called "consumables," are manufactured using the latest advancements in polymerized pigments to create brilliant color that is easier on the environment. Remanufactured printer cartridges may also be used. These are often chosen over the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) brand to reduce cost. When choosing printer ink cartridges, quality should be the number one concern. Be sure to get as close as you can to the thickness and viscosity of the original ink in order to achieve the best result.

Whether using an OEM printer cartridge or one that has been remanufactured, it is possible to get a great photo from a Konica-Minolta printer. "The essentials of imaging" is how Konica-Minolta describes its approach to product development and all aspects of its business. Involved in the production of images while photography was still in its infancy, the business has grown to provide home offices and corporations with the means to produce just about any document they can imagine.