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More About Kodak Ink Cartridges

Known officially as the Eastman Kodak company, Kodak is perhaps best-known for its camera and photo technology. This company has recently made a foray into the digital printing market, developing its own line of printers and printer ink technology in partnership with Lexmark, another printer manufacturer. Kodak was born out of the Eastman Dry Plate company, which produced the first cameras which could be used by a non-professional. These cameras used the world's first simple film roll technology, making them easy to operate. They were known as "Kodak" cameras in the company's product line. These cameras were so enormously popular that the name was incorporated into the company name in 1892. Shortly after, one of the company's founders, George Eastman, coined the famous slogan "You press the button, we do the rest."

The name Kodak has been attributed to several sources, including a misspelling of a conjunction of the words "North Dakota" or "Nodak," and also to a simple anagram developed by Eastman and his mother. Whatever its origins, Eastman felt that the letter K was a "strong, incisive sort of letter." The idea behind the name Kodak was that it be simple, easy to pronounce and difficult to confuse with any other name. To this day, that remains the case.

Known originally for its cameras and its film technology, Kodak kept up with the times and quickly spread into other areas of photo production. The company has always been on the leading edge of photo printing, and is the world leader in production of silver halide (AgX) paper, which is still used for high-quality film and digital photo printing. Kodak is a leading supplier of this paper, and also has a large share of the digital, instant photo market, with over 80,000 instant photo kiosks in various retail locations across the globe. More recently, Kodak has been involved in the areas of digital picture frame technology and document imaging. They have recently left the instant camera market after a costly battle with Polaroid. In 1999, Kodak made the jump to digital printer technology with the Kodak Picture Maker. In 2007, they developed the Kodak All-in-One printer, which uses Kodak-brand printer ink cartridges and Kodacolor technology.

With a history of high-quality photo capture and development, Kodak's shift into the world of printers and printer ink cartridges was a natural one. Here at our company, we offer the latest Kodak ink solutions, in both OEM and remanufactured printer cartridge form. Using only the highest-quality materials, all of our products will work flawlessly with your existing printer systems. With the biggest selection and best prices on the Internet for printer ink solutions, we can help your business get its printing done right.