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Laser Toner

Whether you're seeking OEM laser cartridges, aftermarket toner or simply general information, PrinterInkCartridges.com is here to assist you. With a comprehensive product list and a broad range of knowledge about laser printers, laser toner and how they operate, we can help get your business up to speed and printing as quickly as possible.

Laser Printing

Laser printing is an excellent choice for businesses that print large quantities. A laser printer uses a charged cylinder, a laser and oppositely-charged toner to create its images. The cylinder begins as a positively charged unit. The laser then "draws" the intended print pattern on it, giving it a new, negative charge. Next, the cylinder is sprayed with laser toner - a black powder composed of carbon and other binding agents. This toner will be positively charged and will therefore stick to areas of the cylinder that are negatively charged. A piece of paper then runs under the cylinder. Before leaving the printer, the paper is put under a heating element to fuse the toner to the page.

Laser Toner

Of the three essential components to a laser printing system, laser toner cartridges require the most replacing. Companies have two options when it comes to replacing laser toner cartridges - to have them refilled or to purchase new ones.

Refilling a laser toner cartridge will often cost less than buying a new one. However, the refill process requires the cartridge to be opened, which can lead to its degradation over time. The other option is to buy new cartridges. One type of cartridge is original equipment manufacturer (OEM) toner. This means that the cartridge has been created by a manufacturer to work specifically with their product. So, if a business owns an HP laser printer, they might choose to buy HP branded laser toner. The second option is to purchase what is known as aftermarket toner, which is a generic "blend" of laser toner that will work with almost any machine.

Laser Toner Care

Because of its electrostatic charge, a laser toner spill should never be cleaned up using a vacuum. This is because the charged toner may ignite dust particles in the vacuum, causing a fire. If laser toner dust settles on the skin, clean it with cold water. Hot water will simply cause the ink to bind to skin, leaving a mark, which will take some time to dissipate.

At PrinterInkCartridges.com, we can offer your business the most affordable supplies related to laser toner printing. Through our online catalog, we offer the most comprehensive list of brands and inks related to this quality printing technique. If you don't see what you need online, give PrinterInkCartridges.com a call and we will be more than willing to help.

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