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Fax Cartridges

PrinterInkCartridges.com is proud to offer a comprehensive variety of fax cartridge options at amazing prices. We are able to offer you several different fax toners, inkjet cartridges, ribbons and drums for most brands, including: Brother, Apple, Dell, HP, IBM, Epson, Kodak, Lexmark, Konica-Minolta, Panasonic, Okidata, Samsung, Sharp, Xerox, Toshiba and many more. Additionally, we pride ourselves on providing the best customer service in the business, and constantly update our site with articles and resources you can use to keep yourself up-to-date on faxing technology.

Fax Machine Cartridge Basics

The type of fax cartridge a fax machine needs to perform optimally will depend on the specific brand and model. With so many fax machine types, there is a plethora of fax printing methods used in machines today. Older fax machine models, for example, use fax ribbons, similar to that of a typewriter. The ribbon is coated with ink and runs through a spool until it runs out. Although fax ribbons are less expensive than fax cartridges, they tend to print at a much lower quality.

Fax inkjets produce a better print quality then ribbons and are less expensive than fax toner. These cartridges work similarly same to those used in inkjet printers. An added bonus is that fax cartridges are refillable.

Fax toner works much the same as the toner used in laser printers and is the type of cartridge found in most new fax machines. While toner produces the highest print quality, it is also the most expensive. Luckily, in addition to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) fax toner - which is made by the fax machine brand - third party companies produce compatible or aftermarket fax toner that often costs less but is compatible with name brand fax machines. Additionally, these generic brands of toner often produce the same quality and number of pages as the more expensive brand name of toner.

Toner Care

Care should be taken when using fax toner, as it contains a combination of carbon powder and polymer binders. In the event of a spill, toner should never be vacuumed with a household vacuum. The chemical combination of toners could ignite dust particles inside the vacuum causing a fire. Spills should always be cleaned with paper towels and cold water to prevent fire or staining.

With a wide variety of styles and brands of fax cartridges available, PrinterInkCartridges.com can provide you with an extensive online catalog that contains every faxing element you could ever need. And, if you don't see what you require, contact our customer service department, who will gladly find it for you. At PrinterInkCartridges.com, we will never stray from offering you the best prices on fax toner - or anything else you may need for your office. Contact us today.

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