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Why Some Printer Ink Cartridges Have Built In Print Heads


The print heads of a printer are one of the device's most important elements. As their name implies, the heads are what lay ink against paper, to describe their function very simply; they're very high tech, and greatly affect the quality of prints and ink usage. Many printer manufacturers use printer ink cartridges with built-in print heads, while others use print heads that are built-into the printers themselves. This has led many printer owners to question what the possible advantage could be for either system, and why different printers contain different types of print heads located in entirely different places.

First, it's helpful to know that printer heads can become jammed rather easily. Jammed heads will often result in very light, often unreadable prints. A computer user can easily mistake a jammed printer head for a used-up ink cartridge, but anyone using a printer with built-in heads will notice that their prints don't tend to look any better after replacing the cartridge. On the other hand, when a printer uses printer ink cartridges with heads on the cartridge, if the print heads jam, the cartridge can be simply switched or cleaned. Printer ink cartridges with built-in heads can serve as a form of protection for their users. Expensive printer repairs aren't necessary, and printers can last longer in certain cases.

On the other hand, if a printer owner keeps his or her printer in good repair, it may not be necessary to have built-in print heads. Printer ink cartridges with built-in heads often cost more than simpler cartridges, because their design is more complex. As the price of ink is already fairly high, this is a significant advantage for built-in print heads. Also, clogs usually don't happen unless a printer hasn't been used in some time. The decision of whether or not to include print heads in the actual cartridge is ultimately up to the printer manufacturer, and usually, a company will use one method or the other, but not both.

If you're looking to buy a new printer, take a few moments to consider where the print heads are located. If you don't print very frequently or if you're a bit hard on your gadgets, it's probably best to find a model with print heads on the cartridges. If you take care of your printers, though, a model with built-in heads might be a better choice. You'll save money on printer ink cartridges and repair bills by selecting the option that's right for you, and you'll be more adept at dealing with printer problems when you encounter them.