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Whether You Should Reuse An Old Printer Ink Cartridge


It is easier than ever to reuse old printer ink cartridges. Printing ink refill options offer a variety of choices for consumers who are interested in reducing their impact on the environment. Some of the larger ink cartridge manufacturers may not be fond of the idea of consumers reusing ink cartridges, but reuse is the best thing you can do for the environment. Making the conscious choice to reuse or recycle ink cartridges may take a little extra effort than buying a brand new cartridge on the shelf, but the benefits to the planet - and your pocketbook - can be worth it.

Reusing Ink Cartridges Conserves Resources

Printer ink cartridges are made using non-renewable resources, such as oil. Just one traditional ink cartridge uses up to half a gallon of oil to produce. Expand that half gallon over the dozens of printer cartridges you have probably bought in the last few years and the impact of using new ink cartridges begins to seem very impressive. If you take advantage of printing ink refill services or do-it-yourself kits, you can save gallons of oil without sacrificing the quality or quantity of the printer ink that you use.

Keep Old Ink Cartridges Out of Landfills

Old ink cartridges do not decompose quickly. They are made from durable plastic and aluminum parts that can last for decades before they begin to disintegrate. The old cartridges also contain toxic materials that could cause health problems. By reusing old printer ink cartridges, you will immediately reduce the number of used ink cartridges that are piling up in landfills. Landfill space is already at a premium from the increase in disposable products that are thrown away each year. Since there is an easy option to reuse printer cartridges, there is no reason to add to the mess by continuing to purchase new ink cartridges.

Reuse Saves You Money

The best part is that by protecting the environment and conserving natural resources you are also saving money. Reusing printer ink cartridges costs a fraction of the price of a brand new ink cartridge. A printing ink refill does not have to be as expensive as a new cartridge because all you are buying is the ink itself. Most of the price of new ink cartridges is caused by the cartridge's casing and packaging. When you cut to the basics and purchase ink to refill your cartridges, you cut out most of the expense of printing. Since the price of replacing a new ink cartridge can sometimes exceed the price of a small ink jet printer, it makes sense to find an affordable way to reuse the printer ink cartridges.