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Understanding How To Avoid Leaks In Printer Ink Cartridges


Avoiding printer ink leaks can be simple if you take some simple precautions to insure your printer is working properly and the cartridges are right for your printer. Choosing new printer ink cartridges for a specific printer can help avoid leaks. Clogged ink nozzles are one cause of printer ink leaks which can cause messy spills that ruin carpeting, furniture and printers. Using a printer frequently and replacing printer ink cartridges with new sealed cartridges is another way to keep printers functioning at an optimal level.

Printer cartridges with leaks are sometimes the result of dirty print heads. Often a build-up of ink and dry sponges can lead to printer ink leaks. Print heads clog with ink that sprays from tiny nozzles spraying ink on the copy. Wet ink and dust can collect and cause the printer ink cartridge to leak.

Cleaning your printer and the print heads is another way to avoid printer ink cartridge leaks. A simple cleaning of the print head can allow a leaking cartridge to stop leaking and remain useable.

Refill cartridges are often the cause of printer ink cartridge leaks. Printer ink cartridges can be damaged or punctured when installed into the printer. When using refill cartridges it is best to use caution following instructions to refill the cartridge carefully can also avoid messy leaks and spills down the road. Air bubbles are often in cartridges when the cartridges have been filled too quickly causing leaks in the printer ink cartridges. Tapping the cartridge or simply setting the refill cartridges aside until the bubbles escape is another way to prevent leaks in printer cartridges.

Buying print cartridges in large quantities can save time and money yet storing the cartridges properly in an airtight container, in original sealed packaging will also avoid leaks and spills. Storing cartridges flat in a cool dry place can prolong printer ink cartridge life and is an easy way to keep print ink cartridges long lasting. Purchasing generic printer ink cartridges require the proper research to avoid utilizing a printer ink cartridge that leaks or spills ink unnecessarily.

Although purchasing manufacturers ink cartridges is often the most expensive many companies provide a guarantee that insures the quality of printer ink cartridges. Many will replace or refund a defective cartridge. Sealed new cartridges have also been tested for proper sealed casings. Avoiding printer cartridge leaks is best achieved by using the correct properly cartridge for the printer.

Avoiding printer leaks is easy with a little research and effort your printing needs will be met efficiently and cost effectively in both home and business applications.