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Three Ways To Get The Most Printer Use Out Of A Printer Cartridge


When you understand the proper printer use habits that can extend the life of a printer ink cartridge, then you can save your company money on office supplies. Many times, it can be simple tasks that extend the life of printer ink, and it does not take very long to implement these money-saving ideas. Develop a policy on conserving printer ink using these three ink conservation ideas.

An effective way to conserve ink is to reduce the amount of items that you print. Rather than printing up company memos to be distributed, use your company email to circulate memos. Use the "print preview" function on your computer to see how a document looks rather than printing out a copy to examine each time. Reserve the actual printing for the final document. If you absolutely need to print a draft, go into the ink settings on the printer and set the printer ink cartridge for draft mode. On an inkjet printer, draft mode was created to conserve ink when printing. Only print high definition images when absolutely necessary, and use the draft mode to print samples of high definition images before printing the final copy.

Every once in a while you will go through a period where you are not finding any need for printer use. In these idle times your printer ink cartridge could begin to dry up. After a few days of being idle, your cartridges will start to clog up with slowly drying ink. To avoid this, print a test page at least once a day to keep your cartridges active. If you are getting ready to leave for the day, and you did not use your printer all day long, then the end of the day is the perfect time to print a test page and preserve your useful cartridges.

One of the things that can slowly ruin your print cartridges is incorrect printer use. A good example of this is when you do not power down your printer properly before turning it off. Many people will shut down their computer and then turn off the surge protector without properly powering down the printer. The result is that the print cartridges are not allowed to go back to their idle position. This exposes the heads on your cartridges and will cause them to dry up. Make sure to finish all of your print jobs and then turn your printer off with its power button before cutting the power on the surge protector.

All it takes to make your printer ink last longer is to get into some good printer use habits. Paying the proper attention to your printer can help you save a lot in ink costs.