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Reasons A Printer Ink Cartridge May Suddenly Stop Working


Printer ink cartridges often stop working for a number of reasons, and a lack of ink is only one of them. Because printer ink cartridges are fairly complex units and because they engage with the mechanical parts of a printer, malfunctions and lack of maintenance can cause them to stop printing properly. For printer owners, this is bad news, especially if the printer ink cartridge is below its expected ink yield. Knowing a few of the common reasons why a printer cartridge may suddenly stop working is an important way to avoid unnecessary printer ink replacements and save money. Fortunately, diagnosing cartridge failure is fairly easy.

One of the main reasons for printer ink cartridge failure is clogged heads. The heads of a printer are what the ink is forced through to create an image or text, but because so much ink moves through them, ii builds up if the printer is not used regularly. This results in a clog that prevents ink from getting through. Many modern printer manufacturers combat this problem by building the printer ink heads directly into the cartridge. This way, if there is ever a head clog, all the printer owner will have to do to fix the problem is to replace the ink cartridge. Unfortunately, this results in wasted ink. To avoid printer ink head clogs, use your printer at least once a week. If you do not have anything to print, print out a test page. This may seem like a waste, but it is far more wasteful to clog the heads of a perfectly good printer ink cartridge.

Another reason for cartridge failure is manufacturing issues and defects that result in lower than average amounts of ink in a cartridge or issues with the mechanical bits of the printer ink cartridge itself. You will usually notice manufacturing issues, particularly if cartridge failure occurs within the first few days of owning an ink cartridge. If the cartridge bursts, contact the printer ink manufacturer immediately or call the website or store that had sold you the ink cartridge. You will be eligible for a refund, and you will get tips on how to deal with an ink spill or other problems that cartridge failure can cause.

When your ink cartridge fails, do not throw it away immediately. Check to see whether it was expired (you can find an expiration date on its package) and call the store that sold it to you if it ran out of ink early. You will avoid any ink issues in the future, and with good printing habits and buying habits, you will be able to save money by getting the most out of each cartridge.