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What To Do If A Printer Doesn't Recognize Your New Ink Cartridge


It is quite normal for printers to not recognize a new ink cartridge, especially if purchased from a third-party distributor. Most printers really do reject non-original printer ink cartridges but it does not mean that the recycled or refilled, but structurally compatible cartridges cannot be used anymore. Here are some tips on how to effectively install your new ink cartridges.

Always follow the product's directions when installing new ink cartridges. Adhere to the product specifications to ensure a successful installation. If the printer still does not recognize the ink cartridge, its printer heads may be blocked. Your printer may even warn you about the blocked heads. This commonly occurs with recycled printer ink cartridges. Here's what you can do: try soaking the cartridge heads in warm water or in a solution of window cleaner and water. Wipe the cartridge using a soft cloth. This should free the ink nozzles from any clogs. Install the ink cartridge and turn on the cleaning feature for the print head.

It is also possible that there are air bubbles in the cartridge. This is something you want to avoid. When having an ink cartridge refilled, be sure that the cartridge is completely filled up to avoid air pockets. The presence of air inside the cartridge will cause printing problems especially on printers with already installed print heads. Also make sure to shut off printers when not in use. This prevents air pockets from forming inside the ink chambers. However, also be careful not to overfill the ink cartridge. Too much ink in the printer ink cartridge can cause printer problems as well. If the cartridge has too much ink, the ink can easily drip out of the cartridge and taint the printer heads. Cartridges shouldn't be leaking with ink when installed. Also try to find replacement chips for the cartridges. Cartridges should come with microchips that indicate the expiration date. Some recycled or refilled cartridges however do not have these chips. If that is the case, contact your dealer and request a product replacement because technically, the cartridge they've sold you must have had a chip attached to it. Chips can also be purchased to replace the old ones should you believe that there is still ink left inside the cartridge.

If installing a third-party cartridge, keep in mind that not all distributors carry products that are equal in quality. Original printer inks are quite hard to replicate, making the search for compatible ink cartridges a challenge as well. So always look for a company that is reputable, conducts extensive testing procedures on their products, and offers a money back guarantee for defective cartridges. Perhaps you could also research their company background online and read through customer testimonials.