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Making Brother Ink Cartridges Last For Much Longer


Brother has been one of the most popular printer manufacturers since the 1960s. The company makes hundreds of printers, fax machines and related products, including some extremely popular office, home and specialty printers. However, like most printer companies, Brother makes the majority of its profits from the sale of its proprietary Brother ink cartridges. Brother holds a number of patents on printer ink cartridge technology and, as a result, their cartridges are often expensive for small businesses and home computer users. Fortunately, there are a number of great ways to increase the yield of a Brother printer ink cartridge by changing printer use habits.

Many Brother ink cartridges have built-in printer heads. One of the functions of the ink is to keep the printer heads lubricated, and if a printer is not used for more than a week, ink can dry in the heads. This prevents the printer ink cartridge from functioning properly. A very simple way to get more out of a Brother ink cartridge is to print at least once a week, as this should prevent ink clogs. Printer owners should also check to make sure that clogs aren't causing common printing problems. An easy way to check for clogs is to put an ink cartridge on a warm, wet paper towel. The paper towel can draw the clog out of the printer heads, allowing printer owners to get more from their devices. Some Brother printers also have automatic cleaning cycles, which printer owners can use to avoid and fix some light clogs.

In recent years, Brother has used new technology to improve the yield of their ink cartridges, but not even the best ink technology will overcome poor printing habits. Before printing Web pages, printer owners should copy text into a word processor document for formatting. This will reduce waste and should help printer owners save money, as they use ink to print full-color ads or other unnecessary items. Many printer owners can also set their default printer settings to "draft," which will make a Brother printer use a minimal amount of ink. Draft settings are appropriate for most black-and-white or text-only documents and can greatly extend the life of a standard printer ink cartridge when used regularly.

Printer owners can save money on Brother ink cartridges by shopping online, as name-brand Brother cartridges and generic alternatives are much less expensive in online stores. When shopping online, it is important to look for printer ink cartridges that have not expired, so it's best to buy from specialty stores. By looking for ink cartridges that match their printer model numbers, Brother printer owners can save an extraordinary amount of money on annual printing expenses.