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4 Tips For Avoiding Printer Ink Spills


With the burst of technology over the past few decades, pretty much every individual and business owns at least one ink printer. These printers must constantly have the ink cartridges replaced, depending on the amount of usage they incur, the printer cartridge types, or printer ink life of that particular cartridge. Printer cartridge types are determined by the type of printer and printer ink you use. A personal printer at home may only need the odd changing, but a busy office may require these cartridges to be replaced monthly or even weekly, depending on the printer ink quality and printer ink life remaining. It is inevitable that a spill will occur if certain procedures and instructions are not followed, or if the person replacing them is in a hurry. Following are 4 tips to prevent ink spill and the damages that incur as a result.

Always read the instruction manual for the printer that you are using. Knowing the printer cartridge type it requires and what the proper procedure is for removing and inserting the cartridge is important. Some high tech printers may require a professional to actually change the ink for you. If this is the case, then I recommend that you follow these guidelines. If you have determined that it is safe and simple for you to change the ink in your printer, ensure that you have plenty of work space around you. If you are working in a restricted area, this will increase the likelihood of bumping into something and ultimately dropping or damaging the ink cartridge. If this occurs, you can cause substantial damage to the carpet, your clothes, and surrounding office equipment.

Place a large amount of paper towels or newspaper around your entire work area. This will help to greatly reduce any damage if you do happen to spill any ink. As well, wear old clothing, an apron, or other protection so that you do not stain your work attire. Ink stains many surfaces and no business will want to pay to replace a damaged desk, fax machine, or new computer.

When replacing the lid on the ink cartridge, make sure that it has been tightly and firmly secured. If you happen to drop the ink cartridge, if the lid has not been replaced properly, you again risk the chance of spilling it all over the carpet and other expensive office equipment. As well, if the cartridge has been replaced into the printer improperly, the ink may spill and splatter from the movement of the machine. This could damage the insides of the printer, resulting in having to have it repaired or having to purchase a new one to avoid sacrificing printer ink quality.